Vercesi Del Castellazzo

Montù Beccaria – Oltrepò Pavese (PV)

The Azienda Agricola Vercesi del Castellazzo is located on the slopes of the ‘Oltrepò Pavese’ hills, in the municipality of Montù Beccaria. The winery occupies the manor house, a charming historic building erected on the very spot where, before the 12th century, there was a castle owned by the Beccaria family, a noble family from Pavia.

The estate covers some 20 hectares of Miopliocenic soil composed of marly clays. Since 1995, the winery has complied with EC legislation on the reduction of environmental impact. Their agricultural practices are designed to safeguard nature; our vineyards are completely grassed; no herbicides are used; vine cuttings are shred in order not to deprive the soil of nutrients; copper and sulphur are the only fungicides employed.