Ogliastra – Cagliari (CA)

Website: Azienda Agricola Pusole - Azienda Vinicola a Baunei (business.site)

The artisanal, family-owned winery Pusole is located on the eastern shore of central Sardegna, in the Ogliastra region which offers a varied soil, going from the beautiful seaside to mountains over 1100 meters tall.
Here, for four generations, the Pusole family has cultivated its land, producing wine, corn and olive oil, in addition to breeding a local species of semi-wild pigs called “razza sarda”.

They believe in traditional and natural farming methods, with no use of herbicides and pesticides, no irrigation and no use of chemical products. The soils are worked often and weed control is obtained by inviting herds of sheep into the vineyards. Respect for nature is a key word in everything Pusole does.