Podere La Berta



Brisighella (RA) Romagna

Website: Podere La Berta

In the early seventies, Marcello Giovannini left the plains of Lugo and headed for the hills of Brisighella, using his insight and passion to give life to the Podere La Berta. Under his leadership, Podere La Berta became a place of innovation and experimentation. The company set off on the path that distinguishes it to this day by choosing quality and unique grape varietals.

In 2009, the Giovannini family handed over the reins to the Poggiali family. Giovanni, Nicolò and Domenico strive to enhance the Podere La Berta, combining careful attention to the product while continuing to promote the territory and identity of Romagna.

22 hectares of land rich clay that retains and hands down the viticulture of traditional grape varieties such as Sangiovese, Albana, Trebbiano, Pagadebit, collecting the great heritage of the ancient past civilizations, the Celts, following their extraordinary ability of cultivation.