Region: Veneto
Area: Valpolicella

The Winery has the cellar and offices located in a rural court of the sixteenth century, surrounded by green meadows crossed by the river Fibbio, which originally hosted the stables of the aristocratic Villa.

All products come exclusively from Musella biodynamic farm, which extends on a total area of almost 400 hectares. Such an extension, quite unusual for the Veneto region, offers a remarkable differentiation in the soil composition, a quality that opens the possibility of challenging comparisons.

The wines follow an ambitious project, not only because biodynamic, but because Musella believe that now is the time for the Valpolicella to further exploit its territorial potential.

The elegance inherent in traditional varieties is thus considered the conceptual center of their wines, the true revelation of a rich and unique nuances and complexities territory, often enhanced with the right depth in the most commercial wines, thus confusing the public perception .

Cherry bark and spice blend in the typical pleasure of Valpolicella wines and find in Musella a sincere interpretation balance, which goes straight to the heart.